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Wesley Magee at Tableau Conference 2014 TC14

Welcome and thanks for stopping by my new blog! I'm excited to roll this out and have the chance to share some of my knowledge and experience with the data visualization community.

You might be wondering what you'll be able to find here or why this blog will be different from so many out there, so here's why:

  • Process - My primary focus is on process with an emphasis on the "how to" of the data visualization process. You'll find that talk a lot about "business users", asking the right questions, and how to make the right decisions for your client, stakeholder, manager, or whoever else is invested in the data visualizations you produce. Process will come in two forms:

  • Dashboarding Process: These are the steps you walk through with your stakeholder to arrive at a product that everyone is happy with (ex. requirements gathering, reviews, pitching, launching).

  • Design Process: These are the steps you take by yourself or with other knowledgeable data experts to make decisions about what to include, where to put it, and what it should like (ex. color choice, padding, typeface, flow)

  • Tool Agnostic (but mostly Tableau) - While my tool of choice is Tableau I will try to give advice that applies to any viz tool available to you with a focus on the best approach to get the results you want.

  • Not (overly) Technical - While I love to play around with visualization tools my focus will be to give advice on graphs, charts, and plots that don't require too much gymnastics. Your stakeholders don't want to get a year down the road and figure out how you created something really complicated, so we'll try to create things that communicate clearly and effectively without walking through 50 steps.

I hope you enjoy reading! Please feel free to submit any ideas or your own writing and I'd be happy to post it here.

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