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Should You Really Be Using a Donut Chart?

It's not that donuts inherently communicate information faster and more clearly, but they force an analyst to be more simplistic with wh

How To: Donut Charts in Tableau

Donut charts in Tableau. Here's the short of it: You're going to make two pie charts...then make one bigger than the other. It's

How Many Times Should You Iterate on a Dashboard?

How many times should you review your dashboard with the stakeholders? The answer is three. But what if? No, the answer is always three....

How To: Collect Twitter Data with IFTTT

Prior to the 2016 Tableau Conference I thought it would be fun to collect Twitter data around the conference hashtag, #Data16, in order...

#Data16 Tweets from the Tableau Conference

Let's kickoff this new Tableau Conference the right way and let you fellow attendees know the best sessions to attend, the right hotel...


Welcome and thanks for stopping by my new blog! I'm excited to roll this out and have the chance to share some of my knowledge and...

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